About Me

Hello I’m Karen. I’ll be posting things about my life, my interest and whatnot, and would really love to share it with you and hopefully you’ll like it too. I owned 3 different nonsense blogs before, but i had already deleted it since it’s not updated and I decided to finally settling down here.This blog was new and was born in March 2016 this could be an existing channel where I document my personal life, my dreams ,my style and fashion and everything in between. If you had accidentally visit this blog for the first time and you want to browse thematically, here are some of the topics maybe I should frequently discuss: Memory Keeping- I take lots of photos even if I ain’t like a pro,or photos of “ME” taken by my friends. I love preserving memories however way I can. Designs and Fashion Inspiration – I like art and designs and I love to share it to you my inspiration if ever I find here and there.Food trips- I ain’t like a food blogger, and I am not good of describing it.but sometimes I do love taking photos of the places and the foods I ate, together with my love ones and friends.Travel Diaries- soon to be my travel diaries one of my dream is to explore and travel the world.I was keep on hoping and praying that soon I would able to do it in God’s perfect time.Happy Browsing! πŸ˜€ Enjoy xoxo


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