My Year End Review


1. One word to describe the Year 2019. Blessed.

2. Best thing you did for someone else this year.  Forgiveness.

3. Favorite movie of the year. Avengers: Endgame.

4. Favorite show of the year. Game of thrones.

5. Most embarrassing moment of the year. The day when I went through a really bad breakup and end up walking home teary eyed and the people I cross paths with was looking at me, when I reach the front door of our flat I cannot hold back my tears and I suddenly burst into crying in front of my flatmates, like literally a “crying baby” looking for her “Mama”.

6. Time you laughed the hardest this year. I always laugh easily and able to find what is funny in so many situations. so It’s gonna be hard to choose which one I laugh so hard. mmmnn..Ahaha! okay, when my mom told me the story about the laundry incident between our “labandera” and ate Kim and kuya Paul clothes. hahaha! every time I remember that, it gives me a really good laugh!

7. Something you learned to do/had never done before.

  • Moving on from a broken heart. hahaha!chus! 
  • I can cooked and prepare a serious dish now. I’ve done it recently and  believe me it wasn’t bad.

8. Most newsworthy event. I couldn’t think about anything. mmmnnnn.

9. Biggest lesson learned.

  • People will leave you no matter how much you will try to keep them with you.sometimes all the love is not enough to save something. learned to let go and move on.
  • Whatever you’re going through, good or bad, it will pass. No need for stressing too much, it will just make the situation worse.
  • Loving yourself is the next best thing in the world. I sincerely, would like to thank people who left me, in turn I started loving myself. And this obsession is crazy, treating yourself and self pampering.
  • God,your family and friends is the biggest supporter during the times of distress. Never ever lose faith from your prayers.

10. Favorite place you visited this year.

  • Armenia and
  •  Hongkong Disney land. 

11. Most Memorable Moment/ day of the year.

  • My first snow experience in Armenia and  
  • The Hongkong Disney land trip with my Family.

12. Best Advice you received this year. “Let him go,let him be happy and move on , accept that maybe you’re not really meant for each other. Love yourself and be Happy!”

13. An achievement you are proud of this year. I’d move on. I’d let people go. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was worth it. for me, for my heart and I’m really proud of myself for that!

14. Reminisce on one great compliment you received this year. someone told me that I am “too kind for this world” and I’m so “brave and strong”. hehe 

15. What or whom you are most thankful for this year. The people who have been with me, specially my Family. This is the reason why I can describe my whole year is still a “Blessing” because with everything that has come and gone, and everything that will come and eventually go, I have had the opportunity to experience the very best and ability to sail through the extreme worst because of the people who have been with me. I owe them almost everything.

Thank You!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

can’t wait to say bye to you 2019 you made me cry, made me laugh  but it’s time to move on. I’m ready to welcome you with love, hopes and prayers 2020!

Much Love,


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