My Current Playlist ♫♪

Holy Moly!Excuse my expression learn it from my aussie friend who always start our conversation like that, I don’t know what to write first so I decided to use it hehe! I found it cute tho. Anyway enough with this cheesy peasy talk… It’s been a long time since I posted My Bus Playlist ♫♪ and I feel that I should share my current playlist now with all of you.

Regarding to my strange music choices-and I love it. This current playlist of mine might be a bit different from my usual Bus Playlists. These are my favorite songs at the moment, I honestly obsessed with discovering new songs that soothe to my mood- believe me nothing can change your mood and bring back memories as quickly as a good tune can.

I played it the moment I left the house, while on my way to work,when we are stuck on a traffic until we reach at the office and vice versa. It’s my offline playlist since I’m literally not connected with the internet when I’m outside.

Okay I’m gonna stop bubbling and show you guys that playlist ♫♪  I’ve been listening non stop:

  1. Winter Bear– Joytastic Sarah
  2. If We ( feat.Ocean from the blue)– Sichid
  3. I Love You 3000– Stephanie Poetri
  4. Nothing– Jeremy Passion
  5. Leave Me Alone. Sad – Call Me Karizma
  6. I Only Want – Farrow
  7. Lemonade – Kenny the King
  8. Best Part ( feat. H. E. R) – Daniel Caesar
  9. If I could Ride a Bike – Park Bird & Chevy
  10. Location Unknown –  HONNE

What are your favorites songs at the moment?😊

with Love,


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