A for ARMENIA 🛫 -Travel

I always had a dream of travelling to distant and beautiful places.Believe me several times I have planned to do it, but there is no such thing as luck.

This trip was a blessing in disguised!It was unplanned. In just a blink of an eye we decided to go to Armenia, and thank God It turn out great,worth it and it was more than what exactly as I had visualized it!

As what they say the most memorable parts of any trip are probably going to be the things you never planned to happen and the unexpected travel experiences are often the best moments! Let’s find out how this trip became memorable and exciting for us.

When I told my mom about this trip the first question she asked was “Armenia?what country is that?Wait, where is Armenia exactly located again?so probably your wondering also.

So as what google said Armenia – or what they call in their language as “Hayastan” – is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

Where is Armenia exactly located? It is based in West Asia, bordered by Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Armenia became an independent country in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. So, aside from their own language, Armenian people are also fluent in Russian.

We love Armenia because despite the fact that it is visa upon arrival they really has an amazing and gorgeous countryside.They have beautiful historical places,amazing cuisine,rich culture,friendly and kind people.

So look how we manage to travel there.

Flights-We get a cheap deal from one of the Travel Agency who’s offering a 3D2N trip to Armenia via Air Arabia/Sharjah Airport for 899/AED. The package includes

  1.  a Round trip Ticket
  2. Airport Transfer(Armenia)
  3. and a Hostel w/ free Breakfast

Take note, there are no direct flights from the Philippines to Armenia. You need to take Manila – Dubai and from Dubai take a flight going to Yerevan – Armenia’s capital. There’s a flight also from Sharjah Airport, for us we take a flight from Sharjah Airport going to Yerevan.

Visa- Philippine passport holders can easily go there and have a visa upon arrival or e-visa for only 22.25/AED. What we did, the day before the flight we change our Dirhams money to us dollars since one of our friend informed us for the visa processing at the airport they are not accepting other currency except usd. After arriving at the Yerevan airport you will go directly to get a visa, you just need to change your dollars to Armenian drams/AMD to pay the visa fees(it cost you 3,000Drams).There’s no any documents or other requirements, you just have to show your passport and tell how many days are you staying and your good to go.If you want also to get an e-visa just check if you are eligible here.

Tours – Flight has been booked!and the tour searching for Armenia begins. we began to search some places to go to Armenia we planned to make DIY tour, but lucky enough one of our friend recommended Ms.Kim, she is a Filipino nationality  who’s currently residing in Armenia and managing one of the Hostel and Tours there. I contacted her,she provided us their package tours and she smoothly arrange our schedule and tour guide from first Day ’till the last day. She’s very accommodating and friendly. Below are her details:

Whats app : +37455451521
Instagram account : @ kendrakieth11


Day 1 :First Day Tour

  • 8:45AM -Arrival from Sharjah International Airport to Yerevan.
  • 9:00AM-Pick-up from the Airport to the Hostel.
  • 9:30AM-Check in from the Hostel then have Breakfast.

We meet our tour guide Arsen. He is local Armenian, His very kind and nice guy. Even if we we’re very noisy inside the car like we we’re singing from the top of our lungs he just laugh and willing to jam.And even if we took too much time at the places we stop his still patiently waiting. He let us try to eat Gata, it is an Armenian bread which is made of flour, butter, milk, eggs, and walnuts. and He suggested the juiciest and most delicious pork products we have ever tasted is in Armenia.

See some of our snaps from the places we went on the first day.

10:30AM – 6:PM- Ready for the First Day Tour.

1.Garni Templeimg_01752. Geghard Monastery-img_02123. Tsakadzor Rope Wayimg_1341

img_06044.Sevan Lakeimg_06505. Sevanavank Monasteryimg_61136. Abovyan City -a Bonus Tour -from our Tour Guideimg_1368Exploring Republic Square by Evening.img_0775


Day 2 : Group Tour

We planned to woke up early since we want to visit the Republic Square cause when went there last night it was too much crowded we didn’t get time to appreciate the place.So, before eating breakfast we go out and headed directly there since it’s only a walking distance from our hostel.

We came back at 9:00am to have breakfast then prepare for our another tour arrange by Ms.Kim. It’s a group tour so that means there will be another group inside the car. As what we expected it’s the same tour guide but instead it’s a new one and named “Karen”! yeah you read it right. His name was Karen is it weird that the Karen name in Armenia was for the guy?haha!

so here it is Karen meets Karen.img_6408Karen i mean here the tour guide was very talkative, he knows everything about Armenia, He shared too many history and facts about the places and He takes good photos! His kind and nice guy also. He buy chocolate croissants for us and chocolates for me so that we can eat while enjoying the road trip,he even share his red wine when were about to go to Mt.Araqat.

7:00AM- Take Bath
8:00AM- Republic Square
9:00AM-Breakfast-Prepare for the Tour
10:00AM-6:00PM- Ready for the group Tour

See some of our snaps from the places we went on the Second day.

Republic Squareimg_0879img_08972. Armenian Genocide Memorialimg_09653. Hovhannvank Monasteryimg_6432

img_10964. Saghmosavank Monasteryimg_6278

img_10285.Armenian Alphabet Memorialimg_11096. Mount Aragat- We tried to go to the Top but unfortunately we didn’t make it since the road was too dangerous the snow is melting on the road. we stop in the middle of the way where we can still see the mountain and feel the cold air breeze.img_1184

7. Vernisage & Cascade- I don’t have any picture of our vernisage tour since all of us were busy buying some souvenirs. Hehe



What we did at the evening 🤗 well we went to……. Earth Tattoo Salon and meet the famous tattoo artist in Armenia and yeah we did get our forever souvenir from Armenia. (Forgot his real name)😂


 Exploring the City.☺️


Day 3 : Last Day and Cancelled Flight

I will never forget our 3rd Day on Armenia. We have to leave early morning for our flight going back to UAE. So everything was settled and ready to go. but deep in our heart we still wanted to stay we still want to go to other places we didn’t see and experience, we still want to see what Armenia has to offer.

Then something happened unexpectedly. We’re already inside the plane but suddenly our Flight was delayed and cancelled due to some technical problem of our air craft, then what happened next is  history!

we still have one more day to stay!!!!! what we did after we reach at the hotel which Air Arabia arrange for us. We decided to go out and roam outside, we explore the city and went to these places.







To end this blog post I want to thank my travel buddies Madame Diane,Celey & Mayeth.and Ms.Kim and the tour guides and the people of Armenia for the warm welcome and smiley faces we encounter every time.It’s indeed the land of the most beautiful people in the world.☺️


 With Love,



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